Renewed, Reconnected, Reignited. 


If you asked most people whether or not they wanted to do something to improve the world that they live in, the answer you’d get would be a resounding yes. But, if you asked if they felt like they had the opportunity to do so, you would get an entirely different answer.

And it’s no wonder. Most of us feel like we couldn’t add another thing to our plate. The plain truth is that lot of us feel exhausted and overwhelmed. From too much social media to not enough sleep, we are overextended at work and home, both physically and emotionally, with absolutely no chance to recover. All too often, even our vacations leave us feeling like we need a vacation.

If you’re looking to reenergize, restore, and reconnect with your inner self — if you want find the mental space to feel free to impact your world and start make a difference, then TravelAsana was created just for you

TravelAsana is built on the basic idea that the best way to take care of the world we live in is to take care of the people that live in it.

Our retreats are intentionally designed to care for the whole person. We have daily yoga classes to revive the mind body connection. We work with local chefs to create beautiful, delicious, and healthy menus. And every retreat location is chosen to inspire through its beauty and deep connections to the environment.

And every retreat is paired with a service opportunity, whether it’s in the local community or in the environment. Because we gain as much, if not more, through giving, we see the service portion of our retreats as an essential part of renewal every attendee — the light to spark the change we want to be in the world.

We hope you join us to experience to yourself refreshed and reignited.