Travel Well. Have Fun. Do Good. 


We’re all exquisitely human. Ask anyone if they want to improve the world we live in, and you’ll get a resounding yes. We just want to find the right opportunity to get out there and do so.

We have the resources to heal our planet and our selves. Sometimes we just need the right alchemy of location, community, and purpose.

At TravelAsana we amplify the deep potential of your vacation to be of benefit to you and the planet.

If you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. From too much social media to not enough sleep, we are overextended at work and home, with no chance to recover. All too often, even our vacations leave us feeling like we need a vacation.

TravelAsana was created for you. You are ready to go out, come alive, and bring back your gifts to make a difference in your world. Rediscover your glow.

TravelAsana is built on one simple idea: Travel that cares for our planet and travel that cares for the traveler are one and the same. We can have fun AND do good work.

We design our retreats to care for the traveler and the destination—facilitating opportunities to dive deep into inner work, healing, and reconnecting with true joy. Local chefs craft beautiful, nourishing menus. Each retreat location is chosen for its commitment to environmental regeneration as well as social impact. Daily yoga classes revive the mind-body connection, but a TravelAsana experience is about so much more than yoga.

Every retreat is paired with a service opportunity. When we travel, we see that there are endless ways to be of service... as well as endlessly fantastic ways to have fun. Incredible humans around the world are already doing tremendous work helping the environment to heal. What if we could jump in and support them? We see the service component of our retreats—as well as our ongoing efforts toward carbon neutrality—as an essential part of TravelAsana’s mission. 

We also facilitate heart-centered service components for retreats and group tours. Want to bring meaningful impact to your experience? We can help.

TravelAsana goes beyond; we bring fellow earth-loving yogi-wanderers of all ages and abilities to stunning locations around the globe. We find projects that make a difference and lend a hand, transforming both our inner and our outer world.