Travelasana: Reconnecting with Source

My retreat company, TravelAsana, was born out of my love of travel, my sense of connection to nature and a desire to return to a more spiritual way of life through heart-centered service work. Whenever I travel, I become attuned to different cultures and different ecosystems, but more importantly, it is through travel and by going into nature that I reconnect with a Higher Power; a powerful force much greater than myself; a force that is the reason for being and the reason everything else’s ‘being,’ too. It’s the glue that holds it all together and the energy behind our interconnectedness.

I love how this Universal Flow has been known by many names: God, Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy, Spirit, and many others that reference a higher power which is the Source of all that is. Almost everyone holds the belief that there is something bigger and greater than they are. Even the most atheist of people can agree that scientific principles are more powerful than human will. We all connect to Source in different ways: through prayer, meditation, chanting, visualization, immersing ourselves in nature, rituals, art, etc. 

Photo credit:  MohammadHosein Mohebbi

Photo credit: MohammadHosein Mohebbi

As a kid, my connection to Source was so clear. It was magical. You could always find me outside – under our deck watching pillbugs, or in a tree spying on the cardinals at the feeder, or out on the lake in a canoe watching the stars. As is the case for most of us, the natural magic of childhood somehow dimmed in my teens and was replaced with a disconnect from Source and a disconnect from my sense of self. 

My first adult concept of Higher Power was gravity, because I definitely couldn’t fight it. As a snarky twenty-something, I would say, “shit rolls downhill.”  When a trouble of some sort would worry me, I would ask gravity to take it away. Then, the codependent twenty-something in me would feel guilty that someone or something was gonna get hit by my energetic crap! Ugh. Thankfully, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had the good fortune to wake up to the disconnect and make choices to plug back in. 

Traveling with this intention of reconnecting can give me a quantum leap back to Source: I can step out of the plane and very quickly be immersed in an ecoscape that is totally different from my usual one. When I engage with an environment, I can more easily reconnect to the magic of Source.

Photo credit:  Nikolas Noonan

Photo credit: Nikolas Noonan

Out in nature, wherever I might be traveling – Costa Rica, Ireland, St. Lucia – if I am paying attention, I can be reminded that all things are connected to one Source. The tiniest fleck of lichen on the trunk of a jungle tree is teeming with life: tiny microbes, mites and spores that form an intricate symbiosis. An ant that crawls over the lichen is in communion with hundreds of thousands of other ants working together. One of these ants will get snapped up by a lizard, who might get chomped by a keen-eyed bird. A drop of rain will touch hundreds of tiny environments on its way down to the forest floor. It’s all connected and flowing with Source. 

But when I’m in my head or stuck in front of a computer, it’s so easy to forget this basic truth and feel isolated and anxious and get preoccupied with my own life.

Plugging in to Spirit is a lifeline for me. I’m sensitive to the emotions of others, the stresses of the world, and the challenges we place upon our Planet. Meditation has been key to staying grounded and “in my lane.” Even stepping out of my house and into my yard shifts my perspective. Digging in my garden amps up the volume of that shift, too. 

The benefit of traveling to visit nature more deeply, more intentionally, is that I can really soak in the patterns and rhythms and simply observe the Universe in action; my worries don’t seem so big, but the effects of my actions can have massive impact.

When we feel hopeless, lost, confused, angry, judgmental, or fearful it is time for us to re-connect to Source…Your connection is the light that will shine through you and lead the way for health, happiness, and peace of mind.” - Kelly Smith“

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