The Radiance Sutras

Marut – The Breath as a Powerful Force of Nature


…a post inspired by The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche, PhD

In yoga philosophy, there's a word, “Marut” which translates to “lightning and thunder bolts, the roaring of lions, the flashing ones, the shining ones, the storm gods. Marut is also the wind, the air, the breath.”

Lightning is always flashing in the body: each cycle of breath is an expression of energy, each beat of the heart is spurred by spark of electricity, thoughts are just surges of current flashing through the body and brain. This electrifying, quickening life force rolls on and on with or without our conscious awareness.

The concept of marut suggests that the breath is wild and ephemeral like lightning and that it can be harnessed for power. The breath can help you let go of your tame, civilized self and become your wildness. The breath can fire you up for battle. The breath can charge your speech with power. The breath can freshen and brighten the body.

In yoga we welcome the flash of sensations, emotions and thoughts. Simply breathe, Simply enjoy the show. Witness the ever-changing flow of energy. Use the breath to keep us grounded amongst all the storms and roaring lions or harness the breath to bring you back into the wild.


The Radiance Sutras

Meditation: “I am awake to Marut, the electricity of life. The dynamic power of breath is renewing me the moment by moment. Nature is both wild and serene, and so am I.”

Kim Hall