Service-Based Yoga Retreats

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Current Projects:

Saving Sea Turtles
in Panama

"Yoga, Surf, and Sea Turtles"

This July, we'll be taking yogis to the remote beaches of southern Panama to do some sea turtle babysitting. Well, helping hatching sea turtles make it safely from the nest to the sea... In between volunteering with the terrapin tots, we'll be practicing yoga, snacking on local produce and learning to surf. 

Learn more about this retreat here:

Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort
Cambutal Panama

Retreat Details
"Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the conservation of turtles takes place in the Azuero region of Panama.
This project seeks volunteers who want to protect the native habitat of the sea turtles and ensure their safety and well being.
This location is where the turtles come to lay their eggs, and it is often highly threatened. Much of the area has turned into a dry coastal forest. There is also the problem of poaching from the locals.
The results of these issues and others have led to a threatened species and habitat.
Your role as a volunteer will be to protect the turtles and their environment...
Your efforts as a volunteer may ensure the future of these wonderful creatures." - from The Turtle Conservation Project